Ultra High Performance Concrete

The first pedestrian cable stayed bridge constructed of Ultra High Performance Concrete A steel fiber-reinforced cement mix can produce a compressive strength higher than 180 MPa and a tensile strength above 10 MPa by maintaining the water-to-binder ratio below 0.24. The Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is a new construction material which has ultra-high strength, high fluidity and durability. UHPC reduces the construction and maintenance costs of a bridge while extending its service life. UHPC can exhibit high compressive/tensile strengths while maintaining a ductility. The UHPC with tensile strength up to 19 MPa can be used to design the slender, light and durable bridge girder and deck  with tensile strength of 19 MPa . Using UHPC, the cable stayed bridge can be built with the main span up to 1000 m. To watch a video about the state-of-the-art UHPC developed by the KICT, please click here.

Field Implementation of K-UHPC