K-UHPC - Fairbank, Buchanan Couty, IA

In September, 2015, a bridge was constructed using K-UHPC in Buchanan County, Iowa. The new bridge using K-UHPC is located at1100 Deacon Avenue, Fairbank, Iowa and the total length of the bridge is 52’ long and 32’-5” wide. Each precast pi-girders is 52' long, 5’-3” wide, 2’-4”deep. Pre-mix was added to the ready mix truck by conveyor belt and steel fibers were added through a vibrating mesh. After steam curing for three days at 80 °C, seven 0.6”diameter longitudinal strands were post-tensioned at each bottom flange of the girder with a total force of 591 kips (2,628 kN). To tie six pi-girders together, three 0.6” diameter transverse strands will be post-tensioned through the five cross beams with a total force of 105.5 kips (469 kN).