Liquid Anti-stripping Agent : ENOVA-PF

ENONA-PF is a liquid-type antistripping agent for the asphalt concrete pavement. This technology particularly increases the resistance to moisture sensitivity, which can significantly reduce a moisture-related damage. ENOVA-PF also includes the warm-mix asphalt additives that can improve the compactibility at a lower temperature. The anti-stripping agent helps ensure the highest standards of performance and a stable bitumen-aggregate bond 

Advantages of Anti-Stripping Agent:

  • Help compacting hot mix asphalt to ensure better surface texture.
  • Improve durability and stability of hot mix asphalt in high rainfall area.
  • Enhance a freeze-thaw resistance.
  • Cost effective in construction and maintenance.

Major Function

1. ANTISTRIPPING TECH : Improve the moisture resistance by chemical reaction with asphalt binder.

2. SURFACTANT TECH : Enhance the compactibility of asphalt mixture by introducing the warm-mix asphalt technology.

3. OIL TECH : Increase the resistance to the oxidation and lower the viscosity.